OraQuick test

OraQuick rapid tests are a one-off quality immunoassay for the detection of antibodies to human immunodeficiency viruses type 1 and type 2 (HIV-1/2) or hepatitis C.

The analysis kit is packaged in a sterile bag and consists of the following units:

  • testing device;
  • test tube with solution (1 ml.);
  • absorbent sachet.

Fifteen minutes before testing, it is not recommended to eat, drink, rinse your mouth, brush your teeth, or chew gum.

The testing procedure consists of two stages.

STEP 1. Fence of the ROOF LIQUID
  1. Carefully open the bottom of the bag and remove the reagent bottle. With swaying movements, remove the cap from the buffer fluid bottle.
  2. Carefully open the top of the bag and remove the testing device without touching the absorbent plate.
  3. Place the absorbent plate over the teeth on the outside of the gums and slide it over the outer surface of the upper and lower gums without touching the cheeks or tongue. During this procedure, both sides of the absorbent dough plate can be used.

IMPORTANT! Do not run the dough plate over your mouth, tongue, or cheek.


Place the absorbent plate of the test device in the vial so that it touches the bottom of the vial. The results window on the device should be facing you. Read the result after 20 minutes, but no later than 40 minutes.

DO NOT remove the device from the bottle during the test. A pink liquid will appear in the result window, which will move up. As the test develops, the pink liquid will disappear.


Read the results after 20 minutes, but no later than after 40 minutes, in bright light.

An example of a negative result:
  • The line appears only in the control zone (C).
  • This result indicates that the test is completed, antibodies to HIV are not detected.
An example of a positive result:
  • Lines appear in both zones: in the control zone (C) and in the display zone (T). The lines can be of different shades.
  • Such an HIV antibody test result is considered PRE-POSITIVE.

If there is no line opposite the control zone (C), the test is invalid.

IMPORTANT! If you have a preliminary positive result , you must contact a specialized medical institution to confirm the test result. If there is a negative result, one should remember the possibility of the so-called “window period”, when antibodies can not be detected within 3-6 months after HIV infection, despite the presence of infection.